Today I was all set to work on a particular project for a client, but found I was short a few vital parts. So, after ordering what I needed, I headed to my jewellery Pinterest board for a little inspiration. This is what caught my eye today

pinterest beads


I knew I had some beads which have been sitting in a box for some time waiting to be used, and I knew this was the day! So I searched and searched until  found them, then searched and searched some more for various findings, connectors etc to match. You know as well as I do that finding the prefect beads for a project takes way more time than actually making it 🙂

So this is the result:

brown gold necklace. Something Special by Fiona

What do you think? Doesn’t look much like my inspiration does it? Which is a good thing, of course!

Now to see what response I get when I wear it to school pick-up shortly…I think it’s very important to give things the ‘wear test’.  And my pieces also get a very special extra test – the ‘Caitlin test’. A friend’s young daughter always checks to see what beads I am wearing, and loves to give them a good pull!

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