DIY Giftwrap bling

It’s coming up to Christmas, and while I can certainly provide you with many options of what to put in your presents, this is a little DIY on ‘glamming’ up the outside of your gifts. And making your gift look gorgeous on the outside can be just as special as what’s on the inside.

This is a very quick, easy and cheap DIY!

You will need:

DIY giftwrap1. Something Special by Fiona

* Fine craft wire. You can find this in a craft store, or eBay is good too. Here I am using a copper coloured wire, but you can get this fine wire in many colours.

* A selection of small beads in your choice of colours. Here I have used large clear seed beads, and 4mm glass pearls. Varying the size, colour and shape adds texture and interest to your final product!

* Pliers for cutting the wire, but really, this wire is very fine so scissors will do the job too.

Here’s what you do:

DIY giftwrap2. Something Special by Fiona

Cut a length of wire, 1 metre is a good length to work with without getting too tangled up.

On one end add your first bead and twist to secure.

DIY giftwrap3. Something Special by Fiona

I then threaded on my beads in the order that I wanted them, in this case alternate seed bead and pearl. You can make a pattern or make it random, try it and see what you like!

Leaving a space of around 5cm (don’t bother measuring or even making sure they are all the same distance apart. It won’t make any difference) give your first bead a couple of twists to secure it in place.

DIY giftwrap4. Something Special by Fiona

Continue with the rest of your beads until you come to the end of the wire. Finish the last bead the same way you did the first one.

All done!

Now make some more…

Beautifully wrap your specially selected gift, then wind around the beaded wire.

Finished DIY giftwrap bling. Something Special by Fiona

The first little box has just the one strand made above folded in half and wrapped around the plainly wrapped white gift. Then I added the pink ribbon for some contrast. The bottom 2 photos show another set I made, this time there are 3 strands of red wire, with clear crystals and the same white glass pearls.

Give it a go and let me know how you go!

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