Simple but effective Christmas gifts

I have a beautiful group of friends among whom Christmas cards are shared. I’m not much of a Christmas card sender, but I do try to make an effort 🙂

Most of them are interstate or in New Zealand and, for the most part, we have never met in person. We were/are members of a particular website, and ‘met’ via the forum where we found we had similar interests, likes, and values.

So, my goal was to find something that I could make, that was flat and easy to post, and was a bit special.

I decided on these cute little star ornaments, then thought the ornament hangers would be a perfect accompaniment. I have to finish up the last few, then I can finally get them in the mail.

Star ornaments with matching hangers. Something Special by Fiona

I know quite a few of the girls will read this, sorry to ruin the surprise, but I hope you enjoy them x

Do you have a special group of friends that you send cards and/or gifts to? What do you find is a popular item to send or receive?

Last week’s projects

I thought I would share two necklaces I made last week. Both very different, both appealing to different people no doubt.

The first one is a modern look, made with gorgeous agate stones. Some time ago, my friend saw an agate necklace and said she would like one too. I told her if she found beads she liked I would make one for her.

Recently I visited my favourite bead shop and said I would look to see if they had any beads that she might like, since she hadn’t found any herself. Several poor quality phone photos and phone calls later, I made an executive decision and picked a strand.

Agate beads. Something Special by Fiona

Then we had to work out what the necklace was going to look like. My friend told me she wanted just the beads in a simple, short design. But I knew they wouldn’t sit properly or look their best like that. After much negotiation and showing her several options, we finally agreed and the necklace was made!

Agate and variations. Something Special by Fiona

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I handed the finished necklace over, but I did catch her wearing it a few days later…

Agate necklace. Something Special by Fiona

I have another friend who loves pearls and pink. She didn’t ask to have this necklace made, I just ‘used’ her as inspiration!

I wanted a multi-strand, luxurious looking necklace, with a mix of colours and textures. I also wanted to use a rose as a feature, meaning I had to work out how to combine the 5 strands into one to accommodate that.

I think it turned out quite nicely! I know the rose comes in other colours, and I think black and white would give this necklace a totally new look…I might try that another day 🙂

Pink and pearls. Something Special by Fiona

Which look do you prefer?