Take a grandparent’s pillowcase…..

A different sort of creative post today…

My youngest niece turned 1 last week, and the week prior I suddenly had inspiration as to what to do for her birthday.

Popping up all over the internet are pillowcase dresses. Just do a search, there are blog posts, youtube tutorials, you name it! And they all say how easy it is to do. Using vintage pillowcases with pretty patterns look so cute and girly, and it looked like there were only a couple of seams to sew up. Surely I could do that!

The op shop that I usually go to doesn’t have much in the way of vintage prints and fabrics, plus it is still closed for it’s Christmas/New Year break. But I remembered seeing a pretty pillowcase somewhere in my travels around our home.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but it was being used as a rag in the garage.

So I gave it couple of days soaking, then washed it, and it actually turned out all right 🙂

All the tutorials I saw were made from a standard pillowcase, but this was a boomerang one. And it had *ahem* ‘garage’ stains on it. So I looked at it carefully to find the best bit to use. Luckily my niece is still a toddler, so it didn’t need to be too big!

So, after procrastinating as long as I could, I took the scissors to it, cutting off the end I would use, and unpicking the frill to use around the bottom of the dress. I pulled my trusty, but underused, sewing machine out of the depths of the cupboard, and started work.

I procrastinated some more, but got it all done in 3 hours (including procrastination time!).

Then I looked at it, did a little happy dance for completing it, and thought about where I’d found it.

So back it went into a bucket to soak again. Then it got washed again. And all was good…


I was worried that it would be too small, but it turns out it is still a bit big for the little poppet. I hope she will get plenty of wear out of it.


As for where the pillowcase originally came from – when my mum saw it, she immediately recognised it as one my grandmother bought for my grandfather (her parents). My grandmother died in 1988. I hope they look down on their great, grand daughter and appreciate her wearing something so special.

Have you seen or made a pillowcase dress? How did it turn out for you?

Ready for school?

No sooner are Christmas and New Year celebrations over, and it’s almost time to start thinking about a new school year here in Australia.

Starting school, pre-school or even daycare can be a bit daunting for some children…and their mums! Luckily when my son started school 2 years ago he started with a good friend from pre-school, so they settled in nicely together.

I saw some very sweet ‘mummy and me’ bracelets on Pinterest last year, and loved them so much I knew I had to do something similar. So now it’s the perfect time of year to do that!

In most schools here you are not really supposed to wear jewellery, so I decided that keyrings would be a more useful option. Kids love hanging things off their school bags, but they could also be hung from a pencil case, a lunchbag, or even a zipper.

Here is an example of one set of keyrings I made:


I think I might make a set for my sister and her daughter (my eldest niece) who will be starting high school this year. But in her favourite colour of blue, of course!

Then I did make a bracelet set, because sometimes that’s what girls like to wear! Perhaps she is going off for her first sleepover, or maybe a school or guide camp:


This was the poem I saw on Pinterest, but I have of course adapted it for what I am doing…and the fact that we start school in summer here 🙂Image It’s from http://www.tiedyedivadesigns.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/free-printable-mommy-me-first-day-of.html

Now I will have to create a boy version of the keyring! I think the heart will have to go!

Do you have children starting school this year? If starting school years are behind you, did you do something special for your children?