Ready for school?

No sooner are Christmas and New Year celebrations over, and it’s almost time to start thinking about a new school year here in Australia.

Starting school, pre-school or even daycare can be a bit daunting for some children…and their mums! Luckily when my son started school 2 years ago he started with a good friend from pre-school, so they settled in nicely together.

I saw some very sweet ‘mummy and me’ bracelets on Pinterest last year, and loved them so much I knew I had to do something similar. So now it’s the perfect time of year to do that!

In most schools here you are not really supposed to wear jewellery, so I decided that keyrings would be a more useful option. Kids love hanging things off their school bags, but they could also be hung from a pencil case, a lunchbag, or even a zipper.

Here is an example of one set of keyrings I made:


I think I might make a set for my sister and her daughter (my eldest niece) who will be starting high school this year. But in her favourite colour of blue, of course!

Then I did make a bracelet set, because sometimes that’s what girls like to wear! Perhaps she is going off for her first sleepover, or maybe a school or guide camp:


This was the poem I saw on Pinterest, but I have of course adapted it for what I am doing…and the fact that we start school in summer here 🙂Image It’s from

Now I will have to create a boy version of the keyring! I think the heart will have to go!

Do you have children starting school this year? If starting school years are behind you, did you do something special for your children?

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