I am always looking out for new ideas and designs to create. When I see something that catches my eye, I try to do a quick sketch so I have something to refer to.

Here is one I did recently, I think the original idea was in a magazine:

Doodle pic 2

Not a lot of detail there, Fiona! Oh well, that’s half the fun!

After a week or so of 2 of us in this house having a cold, and the 3rd member away for the week, I haven’t done much beading. But today is cool, windy and a little wet so a perfect day to create.

I’m sure I noted this design as I had some beads in mind, but when I tried them out I didn’t like them so much. Actually, it was probably because they were bright summery beads and today is not bright and summery. Perhaps I will try with them again one day.

Instead, I saw these beads in my box and decided to go with them:

Doodle pic 1

Do you think the finished necklace looks like the doodle?

Do you like to briefly note down ideas when they come to you?

One thought on “Doodles

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