A very special pendant becomes wearable again

A lady dropped in some jewellery pieces for me to fix during the week, including a couple of very sentimental pieces which she hadn’t been able to wear for some time. For example, one was a bracelet from Smallprint with her children’s fingerprints. The clasp had broken. Now she has a new clasp and can wear it again 🙂

She also brought me a pendant. The sort that doesn’t have a hole. The fitting that was glued to it had fallen off, and she asked if I could somehow make it back into a necklace. This pendant is part of her husband’s and her proposal story, so very special. It had been on a black wire choker-style necklace and she wanted something similar.

First of all I needed to make a bail to glue to the back, with a hook to fit the necklace. I wasn’t sure how I was going to fashion the necklace at this stage, but I made the hook quite big. Here is the bead, and the bail I made:

pendant and bail somethingspecialbyfiona.wordpress.com

I decided to make the necklace on wire threaded with black flocking. I glued the bail to the back of the pendant, then made up the necklace. pendant somethingspecialbyfiona.wordpress

When I went to carefully thread it on, there was a small glitch – you guessed it, the loop I made was a smidgen too small 😦 I played around squashing the loop, but it wasn’t going to work, so I had to make up a new one. It’s slightly different in that instead of a double loop it is a single

necklace somethingspecialbyfiona.wordpress.comfinished necklace somethingspecialbyfiona.wordpress.com

I hope she will enjoy wearing this again.

What sort of sentimental jewellery pieces do you have?

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