Christmas pompom angel decorations

It’s December already, so Christmas isn’t far away! Yay! I love everything about Christmas, from braving the shops to find the (as close to) perfect gift whilst listening to shopping centre Christmas carols, to putting up our lights and decorations, and walking around the streets seeing what other houses have done with their lights and decorations. And I love wrapping presents….just not really late on Christmas Eve!

If you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen a few little things I have shared lately, although I will probably share them here too quite soon 🙂

Today I have for you Pompom angels. They are very cute, colourful, fluffy angels and I have tied them with black satin ribbon. Last year I made a string of these, which hang by our front door. I will be making a few more in yellow and white to match our colours for this Christmas, and hang them in our back windows.

Pompom angels

It’s amazing how the simple pompom can be transformed 🙂

Pompom angel Christmas decorations from

As you can see there are many colours to choose from. I am selling them for AUD5 each, plus postage. You can contact via my Contact page, or send me a message through Facebook.

I haven’t seen anything quite like these in the shops before, have you?