Spring Necklace Set

Today I finished making a necklace and earring set that I will be donating to the school for its Spring Art Show.

I took inspiration from a necklace I made recently for myself using white glass pearls of various sizes. I wear it quite a lot now that the weather is warming up! It makes everything feel a bit spring-like! You can see my inspiration necklace in the top right of the photo below.Spring! somethingspecialbyfiona.wordpress.com (683x1024)

The colours I chose to represent Spring were yellow and pink. I used a combination of beads in various colours, sizes and textures to make this necklace.

Spring necklace somethingspecialbyfiona.wordpress.com (1024x683)

Each of the smaller charms are on headpins and each one is threaded separately on to wire, with frosted white beads in between each set of charms.

Spring necklace . somethingspecialbyfiona.wordpress.com (989x1024)

I hope it will help raise some funds for our local school.

Do these colours remind you of Spring? What other colours would you wear?

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Birthday gift for a 15 year old girl

Wow, this is the second non-beaded creative post in a row!

Last weekend we went to the birthday party of my lovely friend’s daughter.

It’s been a couple of years since I was 15 *cough, cough*, so coming up with a present for this gorgeous girl was a little daunting. But I do know that she is into fashion and beauty, and not just in a typical teenage girl sort of way. So I thought a bottle of perfume might be well received. When I asked her mum if this was indeed something that she would like, I got a resounding ‘yes’! Then she added that as well as perfume, the birthday girl also loves all the lotions and potions that go along with it.

So then my thinking changed. I could put together a collection of products chosen and created just for her. I had plenty of inspiration from Pinterest and various blogs I follow. So I took all these ideas and mixed them up a bit, and created some personalised products!

I made bubble bath, hand/body scrub, hand/body lotion, and soap. They were all scented with rose, and the bubble bath and lotion were both tinted pink. I had a box lined with purple from another gift, which I filled with scrunched up purple tissue paper. I downloaded some pretty tags decorated with roses, on which I noted the name of the product as well as instructions for use.

I think it looked and smelled beautiful, and was very pleased with the result!




And, just because I can, here is a photo of the beautiful table decorations:


Pink, gold and sparkles, just perfect for a teenage girl!

What do you think is the perfect gift for a 15 year old girl?

Last week’s projects

I thought I would share two necklaces I made last week. Both very different, both appealing to different people no doubt.

The first one is a modern look, made with gorgeous agate stones. Some time ago, my friend saw an agate necklace and said she would like one too. I told her if she found beads she liked I would make one for her.

Recently I visited my favourite bead shop and said I would look to see if they had any beads that she might like, since she hadn’t found any herself. Several poor quality phone photos and phone calls later, I made an executive decision and picked a strand.

Agate beads. Something Special by Fiona

Then we had to work out what the necklace was going to look like. My friend told me she wanted just the beads in a simple, short design. But I knew they wouldn’t sit properly or look their best like that. After much negotiation and showing her several options, we finally agreed and the necklace was made!

Agate and variations. Something Special by Fiona

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I handed the finished necklace over, but I did catch her wearing it a few days later…

Agate necklace. Something Special by Fiona

I have another friend who loves pearls and pink. She didn’t ask to have this necklace made, I just ‘used’ her as inspiration!

I wanted a multi-strand, luxurious looking necklace, with a mix of colours and textures. I also wanted to use a rose as a feature, meaning I had to work out how to combine the 5 strands into one to accommodate that.

I think it turned out quite nicely! I know the rose comes in other colours, and I think black and white would give this necklace a totally new look…I might try that another day 🙂

Pink and pearls. Something Special by Fiona

Which look do you prefer?